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Oh My!!! do you have to get so angry that profanity wins ovvcrieility? Yes the reich wing troll using the sock puppet handle joe lib does do that don't he?to witWhy the fuck would I wanna be a fucking Lib take a better look at the WHOLE PICTURE stop the blamegame and fix the problem. Like the blame game you tried in your previous post?I am a United States Citizen So are all of us here, so what is your real point?born andraised here. required reading when I was in school was the USCONSTITUTION my homework was to write a report on what theconstitution stood for. Well today I can tell you what it doesn'tstand for STUPIDITY,BLINDNESS,IGNORANCE, the MAIN memes of the reich wing idiots like Glenn Beck, Sean hannity, rush limbaugh, Bill o'Rielly, Ann coulter, Michelle malkin, ET AL and most importantly itdoes not stand for taking americans rights away for the benefit ofanyone especially the GOVERNMENT! Like George W Bush did at the behest of Richard Cheney in their illegal power grab? I am proud to be an american withmy own choice, my own voice,and rights that protect me as anamerican. Do you really want to give up those rights to supportgovernment control just because you think our currentadministration is not liing (Lying)to you? Get educated on the real issuestoday in america. )America)learn the values our constitution was created toprotect. In other words Wake up and Smell the coffee there is nodoubt we need reform in the country all the way around but how wego about reforming is most important, stop the criticizing andstart doing the right thing the right way, and if you dont knowwhat the right way is then educate yourself somemore. Research foryourself, find your answers the old fashion way, get off your assand go out and talk to the people all of the people not just yourgroup, find out what the rest think, and stop blaming those whoalready have. Damn your criticism fits the faux news, AM hate radio listening, teabaggin' movement like a glove (COMMENTS IN BOLD BY WNI)

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