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Thank you for posting this. So many Americans have been praying for our country. I believe that one way God is answering, is to spread the word about how we can take back our country though the precinct executive position. We are hearing of Tea Party groups across the country who are learning of this "Most Important Office in the Land".
There are 203,000 precincts in America. At the big Tea Party/912 rally in Washington, and the regional meetings across the country, there were probably 2 million people involved. 2 million divided by 203,000 = 9 people per precinct (that's just those who showed up at rallies that day). Therefore, we have enough people NOW to win every precinct in the country. This goal is very "do-able"
Thank you for what you are doing.
Rick & Debbie Herron

What a wonderful civic lesson. I am more enthusiased than ever before to work for the Tea Party Movement at my precinct level

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Just had the time to read your blog. I totally agree with it. (I had this, in fact, bneriwg in me too) You explained it concretely.As I said in the other forum: With the present technology, online voting is very practical, convenient, and less costly.I think a bill needs to be filed in the house (congress/senate) for this timely change.

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