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Same anon here. Sorry about the grammar and slpeling. I picked English as an adult and it is my third language. Still some work to do here...And Purple Avenger I did answer your question. All Western European countries have the same problems with illegal immigration and they seem to be doing a better job than the US. So no, illegal immigration is not the issue here. Still let me expand...I gave you the example of Spain. The US has a population of 298,444,215 Spain around 40,000,000.Spain has just legalized 700.000 illegal immigrants. While there are no good numbers for illegals in the country the legalization is thought to have affected may be 50% of illegals. That gives Spain a illegal to legal ratio of 1 in 29. Your 15,000,000 illegals for the US (your middle estimate) gives a ratio of 1 in 20. given the uncertainties regarding this figures these are comparable ballpark figures. Still Spain maternity ratio is more than three times lower than that of the US. So there is no way illegal immigration is going to account for that difference. You have a problem with that answer? Rebate it with some arguement instead of repeating "you haven't answered... you haven't answered... " That is cheap, childish and makes you look stupidAnd tmink what exactly in my last intervention destroyed my credibility? Do you also suscribe to the "every criticism of the US is just hate" mentality? Or what? what did I say in that last intervention that was so damaging to my credibility?

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