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It is the policy of Muslim tesorrirts to agree to a cease fire when things are going bad for them, use the time to regroup and when they are back to strength to strike. I understand this policy was advocated by Mohammed in the Koran.

Subject: “The Cognoscenti” The ruling Political Class who think they know better than
everyone else ISBN 1470191016

I have written a book that declares the Tea Party movement as the only viable means to turn this country around in the election of 2012. I adapted a single name – The Cognoscenti – to identify our common enemy. This enemy includes all elected politicians and appointed bureaucrats who are ruining our nation. They pursue a progressive/statist agenda that insists on putting the State ahead of the individual and growing government as the only solution to political, economic and social problems.

This book should be helpful to Tea Party members. It identifies the culprits who are wedded to a worldview of progressive/statism. Woodrow Wilson and other American scholars adopted statism in the late 19th century intending to accomplish their agenda of wealth distribution and social justice by eroding the Federal Constitution. The book names 16 events that occurred in the last 100 years that describe how the Cognoscenti have eroded the Constitution. Now, we experience the successful results of their efforts: the obscene growth of the central government; one in four Americans (with jobs) work for government or an organization that depends upon a government contract; the persistent pattern of borrowing money to pay for government-created emergencies; and the resulting $16 trillion debt now at hand. Unless changes are made now, that debt is forecast to grow at the rate of at least a trillion dollars each year for the foreseeable future.

Those who signed the Declaration of Independence were willing to pledge their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor.” Can we do anything less to protect and preserve the freedom, opportunity and prosperity we have enjoyed, not only for now, but also for our children, grandchildren and their progeny? We must work together to identify men and women who are constitutional conservatives willing to stand for election to replace the Cognoscenti now present (both Democrats and Republicans) in the U. S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

I am asking that you make known to your fellow patriots that this book will be modestly priced and will be available through Amazon Books by Friday, August 3, 2012. I really appreciate that you have taken time to read this message. I trust that what I have to say in the book will be important for Tea Party patriots to read and act upon.

Ron Higby
Member, Surf City Tea, Huntington Beach, California
Member, Gen. George Patton chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, Ventura, CA

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