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***okay, triple star this one, cause you've GOT to stop! so we used to make part of your trip every year - and my fave part:go to the CADILLACS! one of the best photo ops EVER! It's just otisude of amarillo, texas, and if i remember right, i think you guys will probably drive through. pick up some cans of spray paint and keep 'em in your car for when you get there. there's about ten or twelve cadillacs half-buried in the ground, nose down, in the middle of this huge field. you can go right out to them and walk around and spray paint all over them to your little hearts content. just keep your eyes peeled because i can't remember which side of amarillo they're on, but they're right on the main highway (the old route 66). enjoy!

I don't think that's fair. I actually like to help polpee, and what your saying is that everyone who is paid to help someone screw polpee over are mistaken.And as a matter of fact most jobs are service jobs, and require one person to help or assist another. How can you say that all polpee who get paid to help are parasites ..they might just be good polpee.Apparantly you don't think there are such polpee any more; good polpee, and I feel sorry for you. Don't let one person distort your view of all polpee.

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