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Extremists at the South Bay Tea Party - April 15, 2009

Were there any? Well let's see. Nobody had blue hair, a nose ring or head to foot tatoos. Nobody was stoned. Nobody yelled obsenities or behaved crudly. Nobody exhibited inappropriate behavior or otherwise did anything to make one doubt their mental health. (There may have been one guy dressed like George Washington, but he didn't actually think he was George Washington. And, anyway, the wind blew his wig off.) Nobody provoked the police into spraying them with water or deliberately got themselves arrested. Nobody burned an American flag. In fact, nobody objected when patriotic music was played or complained about the unashamed display of American flags. Nobody had all the parts necessary to constuct a bomb conveniently stashed in the glove compartment of their Volkswagan. In fact, nobody had a Volkswagen. In other words, there were no aging, 1960's, anti-establishment, chemical slopheads in attendance. They were all home thinking up vulgar one liners in a weak attempt to diminish this most wonderful of American experiences.

Posted from an email I received... gary

So what are we going to do now? One thing we can do is to see that South Bay Congresswoman Jane Harman is not re-elected. We can start now. Inform your friends and neighbors about her unethical and probably unlawful conversations with AIPAC. She was overheard on a warranted wiretap on a suspected spy offering to intercede with the Justice Department in return for AIPAC supporting her bid to become chair of the Intelligence Committee. She obviously knew that the conversation was inappropriate because she conclude by saying "This conversation doesn’t exist."

Details at:


I am forwarding on this vdare article about the connection between illegal aliens and Californian's tax burden, PLEASE read:

Thoughts On The Sacramento Tea Party—Immigration Dimension Must Be Added!
By Brenda Walker

On April 15, I attended the Sacramento Tea Party on the Capitol steps along with my friend and colleague, Rick Oltman, and at least five thousand other angry and concerned Californians. We made a giant check reminding taxpayers of the billions of dollars wasted annually on social programs for illegal aliens (photo).

It was a beautiful spring day. The crowd was friendly, but the tone was urgent.

In California, we have double-barreled budget trouble; both Washington and Sacramento are in slash-and-suck Dracula mode to gobble up all available treasure from our pockets and piggy banks. While many Tea Parties around the country were focused on future taxes from the Obama-Congressional crazed spending spree, higher taxes are here and now in this state, with more to come.

On April 1, the state sales tax increased by one percent, a terrible turn of public policy with the unemployment rate now at 11.2 percent, up from 6.4 percent in March 2008. Talk about falling off a cliff.

In February, a highly contentious budget was passed that raised taxes to cover part of the $42 billion hole. The legislative package included $15 billion in spending cuts, $11.4 billion in borrowing, $12.8 billion in taxes and about $2 billion of federal stimulus funds. But despite the legislators grinning and high-fiving in self-satisfaction over the new budget, it was only a temporary fix and depends on several tax-increasing propositions which will go before the voters on May 19.

Unlike the familiar, unpredictable earthquake disasters we Californians know and understand, the budget disaster has been like a Mississippi flood that approaches in slow motion, takes weeks or months to pass through, and afterwards you are left with a total wipe-out.

Those in power, particularly Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, have been spinning a web of lies in order to avoid the politically painful steps that must be taken to get California's fiscal house in order. Schwarzenegger was voted into office in a historic recall of Democrat Gray Davis, because of voter anger against Davis' mishandling of the budget and over his signing a bill to award drivers licenses—highly coveted state identification—to illegal aliens.

Candidate Schwarzenegger promised to repeal the hated DLs, which he did. But he also promised to fix the budget, which he did not do. In fact he has done a far worse job of financial management than Davis. The first thing Arnold did in office was to borrow up a storm with the promise that the strategy would somehow help the state get a grip on its money problems. He used the increasingly common political tactic of kicking the can down the road, hoping some extra tax money will turn up.

That possible good fortune is not without precedent in California. Larger-than-expected funds did indeed pour into state coffers during the dot-com boom. But hoping to get lucky is no way to run a state government.

Three decades back, California led the first tax revolt. The late Howard Jarvis was not merely a bit player in the original Airplane movie; he was also an author of Proposition 13, a successful 1978 initiative that lowered state property taxes. Prop 13 was the beginning round in a nationwide populist groundswell against crazed government spending. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association remains as a voice for his philosophy.

So while California may look battered by demography-changing immigration, and has rapidly flopped from a Republican bastion to a hopelessly blue state—given that Republicans are too cowardly and stupid to adopt the Sailer Strategy and mobilize their white base—there is still a strong tradition of revolt against taxation run amok.

Of course, taxation is just the symptom. The disease is SPENDING. And California has a very bad case, complicated by excessive borrowing (i.e. issuing bonds) which creates postponed taxes with interest.

As a result, the Golden State was downgraded in March to rock bottom in America as a bond issuer. Last year the US Census found California to be the "highest-spending state", and by half as much again as the runner-up New York.

The San Jose Mercury News, hardly a voice of conservatism, presented a straightforward analysis of what has happened in Sacramento in recent years [California budget mess: Where did our money go?, February 8, 2009]

"California's general fund under Schwarzenegger's tenure has grown 34.9 percent—from $76.3 billion in the 2003-04 fiscal year to $102.9 billion in 2007-08.

“But over that same period, population growth and inflation together grew by only 21.5 percent.

“If state spending had grown only at that rate, it would have reached $92.7 billion last year. Instead, Schwarzenegger and the Legislature spent $10.2 billion more. "

Some of the winners in excess spending have been illegal aliens at a yearly cost of $13 billion, America's highest paid teachers and the country's highest paid prison guards. The losers were taxpayers, small business owners and anyone disturbed by government grown entirely too big.

At the Tea Party, few politicians were invited to speak. But one was Tom McClintock, who was elected last fall as the Republican Congressman from District 4 after serving 22 years as a state legislator. A long-time budget hawk, McClintock got the Tea Partiers riled up by reminding them of California's recent history of tax increases by politicians who promised otherwise. [Watch his speech on YouTube].

McClintock urged the people to go home and organize, first by opening up the website and helping out with the petition. The next thing to do, he said, was to work against Schwarzenegger's tax-increasing propositions which will be decided in the special election on May 19.

Bear in mind this was a Republican Congressman urging the recall of a fellow Republican, Anthony Adams, because Assembly Member Adams earnestly pledged not to support increased state taxes, but broke his promise by voting Feb 19 for the Governor's plan.

Rep. McClintock was likewise clear that conservatives should work against the Republican governor regarding his tax schemes.

Some of the most serious hell-raising in the area of tax revolt has been nurtured with tender loving care by the SoCal talk show guys John and Ken. (As I wrote in a 2004 VDARE article, they created the “Political Human Sacrifice” campaign to oust perfidious Republican David Dreier, who claimed to be tough on illegal immigration enforcement, but was really a weakling at best. They did not succeed in getting him voted out, but got his attention enough to raise his recent immigration voting grade to A-.)

John and Ken's new campaign is called "Heads on a Stick". This refers to a rude head-choppy theme of punishing lying politicians—nearly all of whom happen to be Republicans. Several GOP politicians are the objects of anger because they pledged heartfelt allegiance to no tax increases and voted for them anyway.

California Democrats, by contrast, have said all along they would raise taxes to enable their spendaholic ways. Whatever evil you can rightly ascribe to them, the Dems have not been liars or hypocrites—on this issue at least.

Listener response to John and Ken's broadcast railing was enthusiastic. Listeners contacted each other on the John and Ken Facebook page and organized their own local recall committees and websites. (See the list here.) John and Ken now broadcast a daily hour of tax revolt at 5 pm. (Sound archives including podcasts are found here.)

On March 7, John and Ken held a tax revolt rally in Fullerton which was broadcast live. At least 8000 people showed up (more like 15,000 according to John and Ken) with signs and attitude, happy to chant "Heads on a Stick" and smash up Arnold Schwarzenegger movie DVDs and videotapes with a sledgehammer.

What could be a better way to protest crazed spending? (Listen to the show online: Hour One, Hour Two, Hour Three, plus a Recap).

"Recall, revolt repeal!" was another animated chant.

Some listeners at the Fullerton event wore homemade buttons showing the amount of additional tax bite on their family from the new budget. The Sacramento Bee provided an online worksheet where people could fill in their personal financial info (family income, value of cars, number of dependents, etc) and get their new tax bill.

Nothing focuses the mind like thousands of dollars pulled from your pocket.

When leftist pundits say the Tea Parties and anti-tax activity are a project of the GOP machine, they reveal a stunning ignorance. If anything, the theme throughout has been the fury of fiscal conservatives, including many registered Republicans, against elite GOP apparatchiks.

The California GOP, in fact, is running scared. The party honchos had lined up in favor of the RINO Governor's tax increases in the ballot props, but by mid-April, a flood of angry calls and emails had convinced them a reversal was in order:

"The California Republican Party decided Saturday to oppose all six measures on the May 19 ballot, including a spending limit and temporary tax hike proposal championed by GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines.

The party's executive committee voted Saturday at the Sacramento Convention Center to oppose the six ballot measures that would complete the Capitol budget deal struck in February. Republican party votes to oppose all Schwarzenegger ballot measures [By Kevin Yamamura, Sacramento Bee, April 18, 2009].

Proposition 1A has been falsely marketed as a spending cap, but it actually extends taxes. The non-partisan Legislative Analysts Office largely agrees with that point in the paper The Fiscal Outlook Under the February Budget Package, particularly in Figure 7 which has the heading "Tax Increases Would Be Extended by Passage of Proposition 1A."

These policy details may verge into the wonky, but politicians of both parties have used confusion, complexity and outright lies to fool California voters.

And to what end? To continue the current unsustainable regime of failure? Why many of the Republicans should partake so willingly in a scheme that will marginalize the party still further if not supply the coffin nails is a puzzler.

On the morning of April 22, reports appeared in the press that the Assembly leadership had decided to award $551,000 in pay raises to 136 Assembly staffers, a bonehead act of political stupidity if ever one was.

But by dinnertime, the raise was off the table, with Speaker Karen Bass (D) and Minority Leader Mike Villines (R)... "acknowledging that the pay hikes sent the wrong message at a time when the state is in financial crisis and tens of thousands of other government employees have had their salaries cut. "

The LA Times story, Assembly leaders withdraw staffers' pay hikes [by Patrick McGreevey, April 23, 2009], did not mention how the top pols' bubble of self-imagined privilege evaporated in a few short hours. But we can reasonably assume that outraged California taxpayers phoned in great numbers.

The day's misadventure contained elements of disgust and hope. California government officials still believe deeply that they should reward themselves handsomely and spend money the state doesn't have on goodies for designated classes of victims and special interests. However the pols can respond appropriately when smacked hard with a two by four.

The Tea Parties of April 15 were a moment of reinvigoration for many Californians on a familiar subject. Many people at the rally I attended emphasized that continuing action was necessary to force the legislators to get a grip on their spendaholic ways. However, the demographic forces of immigration are running toward more social spending, not less.

The bad choices of California government demonstrate the danger of too many spendo-Dems and Mexophiles in combination.

Taxation is the headline today. Immigration must be the headline tomorrow. The friends of sovereignty must utilize citizen outrage as more of a teaching moment about immigration than it has been. There were only a handful of signs at the Tea Party that referred to the cost of legal and illegal immigration. St Still, our big check sign with its prominent mention of immigration got a lot of positive attention from fellow tax protesters.

Hopefully the well-educated readership of can get the word to the public at the next Tea Party (July 4?) through signs, letters to the editor and, calls to legislators—and emailing this article to friend!

The tragic experience of California is a reminder: demography is destiny.. Immigration suicide must be resisted at all costs.

Brenda Walker (email her) livelives in Northern California and publishes two websites, and She says don't blame her for CA's budget mess; she voted for real-deal fiscal conservative candidate Tom McClintock in the recall election. (For more of the Sacto Tea Party, check out the nice general walkabout video, also Michael Reagan's speech.) Share

Please include the speech by the last speaker of the tea party (a black man named Eric - didn't get his last name) on the website. It was really inspiring as it was unplanned.

Thank you!

As you said it was unplanned so we do not have a written copy of it. Eric, please feel free to post your speech if you read this... thanks again, gary

I don't see this noted by anyone else: Prop 1A eliminates revenue as the source of budget money. It replaces revenue with RESOURCES. What the heck are resources? Parks, buildings, land, my paycheck, my home?

This change alone should scare the hell out of everyone.

What is going on in the South Bay as far as T.E.A. Parties for July 4th? Or any time this summer? Or ANY time?!?!

Thank you,
Sherry Copp
El Segundo

Please come and join us 4th of July TEA PARTY San Pedro, CA. We will gather at the corner of Western Ave. and Westmont Dr. from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Stop out of control government spending. Stop incurring debt for future generations. Stop printing money we don't have. Stop the insanity. We will take our country back. Bring your signs/flag and your patriotism.

Cecilia Villarroel

Dear Fellow Patriot,

The calls you have been making this week are having an impact. Unfortunately, it seems that our voices are simply not quite loud enough. Speaker Pelosi has said that she has the votes to move the Health Care bill. So, we have to step it up a little bit more. Will you please joining us in emailing the Chiefs of Staff of the following moderate to conservative Democrats?

It is best if you email the Congressional members that are in your state and/or in your specific district. In the email ask the Chief of Staff to certify that their Member will NOT vote for the Health Care bill. You can your state the reasons why this bill is not a good bill for Americans.

Be sure to let the Chief of Staff know who you are in your community whether you are a stay at home mom, a small business owner, or a community leader and the impact of the government take over of our health care to your organization (loss of jobs, increased taxes, etc.).

Thank you so much for helping us further the causes of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets. We promise we will slow down on the amount of emails to you once Congress is in recess.

Tier 1: Conservative to Moderate Democrats who are on Energy and Commerce in the House

If Energy and Commerce does not vote the bill out of Committee, then it will force Speaker Pelosi to bring the bill to the floor of the House without the Committee's approval. Politically, this does not look good for Speaker Pelosi because she will be ignoring the will of her committees.

Please remember to record the number of emails, faxes, and calls you are making.

1. Rep. Boucher of VA Chief of Staff: Becky Coleman email: [email protected]
2. Rep. Sutton of OH Chief of Staff: Nichole Reynolds email: [email protected] or [email protected]

3. Rep. Stupak of MI Chief of Staff: Scott Schloegel email: [email protected]
4. Rep. Braley of Iowa Chief of Staff: Sarah Benzing email: [email protected]
5. Rep. Mike Ross of AR Chief of Staff: Drew Goesl email: [email protected]

6. Rep. Baron Hill of IN Chief of Staff: John Zody email: [email protected]

7. Rep. John Barrow of GA Chief of Staff: Ashley Jones email: [email protected]

8. Rep. Charlie Melancon of LA Chief of Staff: Joe Bonfiglio email: [email protected]
9. Rep. Bart Gordon of TN Chief of Staff: Donna Pignatelli email: [email protected]

10. Rep. Jim Matheson of UT Chief of Staff: Stacey Alexander email: [email protected]

11. Rep. Zack Space of OH Chief of Staff: Stuart Chapman email: [email protected]

Tier 2: Conservative to Moderate Democrats in House not on Energy and Commerce

Please remember to record the number of emails, faxes, and calls you are making.

1. Rep. Frank Kratovil of MD Chief of Staff: Tim McCann email: [email protected]
2. Rep. Bobby Bright of AL Chief of Staff: Meg Joseph email: [email protected]
3. Rep. Walt Minnick of ID Chief of Staff: Kare Haas email: [email protected]
4. Rep. Parker Griffith of AL Chief of Staff: Sharon Wheeler email: [email protected]
5. Rep. Mike Arcuri of NY Chief of Staff: Sam Marchio email: [email protected]
6. Rep. Glenn Nye of VA Chief of Staff: Angela Kouters email: [email protected]
7. Rep. Travis Childers of MS Chief of Staff: Brad Morris email: [email protected]
8. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of AZ Chief of Staff: Pia Carusone email: [email protected]
9. Rep. Leonard Boswell of IA Chief of Staff: Susan McAvoy email: [email protected]
10. Rep. Dennis Moore of KS Chief of Staff: Howard Bauleke email: [email protected]
11. Rep. Jason Altmire of PA Chief of Staff: Matt Walker email: [email protected]
12. Rep. Christoper Carney of PA Chief of Staff: April Metwalli email: [email protected]
13. Rep. Patrick Murphy of PA Chief of Staff: Scott Fairchild email: [email protected]
14. Rep. Jim Marshall of GA Chief of Staff: John Kirincich email:
15. Rep. Lincoln Davis of TN Chief of Staff: Beecher Fraiser email: [email protected]
16. Rep. Melissa Bean of IL Chief of Staff: Elizabeth Hart email: [email protected]
17. Rep. John Salazar of CO Chief of Staff: Ronnie Carleton email: [email protected]
18. Rep. Allen Boyd of FL Chief of Staff: Melanie Morris email: [email protected]
19. Rep. Heath Shuler of NC Chief of Staff: Hayden Rogers email: [email protected]
20. Rep. Earl Pomeroy of ND Chief of Staff: Bob Siggins email: [email protected]
21. Rep. Charlie Wilson of OH Chief of Staff: Candace Abbey email: [email protected]
22. Rep. Tim Holden of PA Chief of Staff: Trish Reilly email: [email protected]
23. Rep. Brad Ellsworth of IN Chief of Staff: Cori Smith email: [email protected]
24. Rep. Ben Chandler of KY Chief of Staff: Denis Fleming email: [email protected]
25. Rep. Jim Cooper of TN Chief of Staff: Lisa Quigley email: [email protected]
26. Rep. Joe Donnelly of IN Chief of Staff: Joel Elliot email: [email protected]
27. Rep. Mike Michaud of ME Chief of Staff: Pete Chandler email: [email protected]
28. Rep. Mike Thompson of CA Chief of Staff: Charles Jefferson email: [email protected]
29. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of SD Chief of Staff: Tessa Gould email: [email protected]
30. Rep. Adam Schiff of CA Chief of Staff: Timothy Bergreen email: [email protected]
31. Rep. Jane Harman of CA Chief of Staff: John Hess email: [email protected]
32. Rep. Joe Baca of CA Chief of Staff: Linda Macias email: [email protected]
33. Rep. Sanford Bishop of GA Chief of Staff: Phyllis Hallmon email: [email protected]
34. Rep. Mike McIntyre of NC Chief of Staff: Dean Mitchell email: [email protected]
35. Rep. Henry Cuellar of TX Chief of Staff: Terry Stinson email: [email protected]
36. Rep. Loretta Sanchez of CA Chief of Staff: Adrienne Elrod email: [email protected]
37. Rep. Dan Boren of OK Chief of Staff: Jason Buckner email: [email protected]
38. Rep. Collin Peterson of MN Chief of Staff: Mark Brownell email: [email protected]
39. Rep. Jim Costa of CA Chief of Staff: Scott Nishioki email: [email protected]
40. Rep. Gene Taylor of MS Chief of Staff: Stephen Peranich email: [email protected]
41. Rep. Dennis Cardoza of CA Chief of Staff: Jennifer Walsh email: [email protected]
42. Rep. John Tanner of TN Chief of Staff: Vickie Walling email: [email protected]
43. Rep. Marion Berry of AR Chief of Staff: Chad Causey email: [email protected]

Want to Go the Extra Mile?

Forward this email to at least 5 people you know and ask them to make the same calls.

Better yet, forward it 10 - 20 people you know and ask them to make the same calls.

Thank You!

You are the heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement. Thank you for promoting the causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets with us!

Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team, Amy Kremer ([email protected], 678-495-8271)

Jenny Beth Martin ([email protected], 404-326-0936)

Mark Meckler ([email protected])

Rob Neppell ([email protected])

On Saturday, Congresswoman Roybal is having a town hall meeting on foreclosures that is 5 hours long. This may be a good chance to protest the health care plan. Here is the information.

TOPIC: Open Foreclosure Forum
Date: 8/8/2009
LOCATION: Downey Adult School
ADDRESS: 12340 Woodruff Avenue
NAME: Lucille Roybal‐Allard
TIME: 09:00 AM ‐ 02:00 PM
Downey, CA   90241


This is a great letter... sorry I missed it in the piles of emails... could you post this in the discussion section of our web site...

After checking out your impressive webpage I thought you nay be interested to see the letter I sent to Jane Harman the day after the party.

Ron R

Dear Representative Jane Harman,

I was at the Tea-Party Rally in front of your El Segundo office yesterday and was disappointed that you were not able to put in an appearance. That was the first time I have ever done anything political and I did so because I have become very concerned about the direction this country is being taken. But let me say up front that I was not pressed to attend by any "right wing radical extremist". I sought them out, and I am certainly not an extremist of any sort. I am a center of the road Independent who voted for you in the last two elections, but I am considering my position for the next election very carefully. I was pleased to see that you are a proclaimed "Blue Dog Democrat", but I am sadly disappointed that you are in favor of the Healthcare Bill as it stands. There is a lot in there that is good, but there is also a lot which is incomprehensively bad. My main concern is the monumental debt that this present administration is putting us in. I do not want my children and grandchildren to be paying off this debt long after I have gone. Obama and his cohorts are driving this country into bankruptcy and they don't seem to care, or even be aware of it.

There are many things on my mind that I could write about, but for the sake of brevity and focus I will concentrate on the reason that we were gathered outside your office yesterday - the proposed health care bill.

I am a longtime naturalized citizen originally from the UK and I know how the National Health Service works there - very poorly! I have a brother-in-law who has a serious back problem with extreme pain and had to go private, paying many thousands of pounds to get any timely attention. I also have a friend who had waited over three months for a knee replacement and then had to give that up because her husband developed lung cancer and she had to spend all her time trying to get attention for him. This system is neither free nor universal. Is that the kind of health care we want over here? I think the majority of your constituents would say "NO".

I have said many times, when discussing health care over there, that the care in the US is the best in the world, "If you have the insurance". And there's the rub. Everybody needs accessible insurance. The next question is, "How do we achieve that?" I have been giving that some thought lately and come back to a system that I thought about several years ago that would be better than what we have today. In order to relieve the pressure on Emergency Rooms we should have local clinics that were equipped to deal with walk-in patients. I have recently heard of an improvement on that, practiced in Washington State, whereby all primary care is dealt with at regional co-op clinics, where all the doctors, nurses and staff are paid employees, thus keeping the costs lower and more predictable. These clinics would be large enough to cover all types of needed care, short of those patients needing hospital care. They are governed by an elected, non-political Board of Governors. Oh no! That probably won't work. It wouldn't take long before a "czar" is appointed to oversee it, and it will become highly political and non-transparent.

Then there is the question of how to pay or it all. I absolutely do not like the idea of a goverment, single payer system. That would be a fiscally disastrous step that we cannot afford to add to our current debt. Obama's claim that it would not add to the debt is ludicrous and should be laughed out of the Congress. I don't like the insurance approach either. I think it is the only way to go, but we need to add a number of mandated rules regarding costs and limitations. Everybody should pay into this just like income tax, but I don't like the thought of a Healthcare Revenue Service run like the IRS.

Another thing we need is Tort reform. Lawyers make more money than anybody working in the health industry. We need to eliminate all the frivolous law suits that force doctors to buy expensive mal-pratice insurance, which is another financial burden to the healthcare industry. On top of that doctors order more tests and procedures than is really necessary. But they do that to stay out of court. I had a recent experince of that myself when I had two colonosopies, an endoscopy and and swallow a capsule camera and many Lab tests, all within the last month. That would never happen in the UK, or anywhere else that has nationalised healthcare. The bureaucracy is just too burdensome, and that would be far worse under a Democratic administration.

Well, there is much more to say, but I guess it will give you an idea about how I feel. And believe me, there are many more millions of people out there that feel the same way. Many of them in your district.


heard about the 9-4 event at my American Legion post on 9-3. I attended, met and talked to real nice people, indeed patriots. I waved my Gadsden flag proudly. if others are interested in Gadsden items, you can go to DTOM.COM they have caps, flags, bumper stickers,and so on. I thought the reception good, look forward to the next rally.

I'm the CA coordinator for Homemakers For America. We're the untapped masses of women in America who love their husbands, their children, their homes, and their country. They're getting emboldened to step out and join in the protests.
We are looking to link with your group. If this is agreeable to you, we will link your group on our CA website (under construction) at and the national group at
Thank you for your kind interest. I have documentation should you wish to read it. Would need a regular email address to get it to you.

Two Significant Events in History took place yesterday, 3/22. The first was on this date in 1765 the British Parliament, against the will and without any representation from the American Colonies, passed the Stamp Act. This tax directly effected the middle to wealthy class and ushered in a decade of hostility towards Britain that united the nine colonies for the first time. So effective was the opposition that very few stamps were ever sold. As we later know this was the procurser to the American Revolution.

The second significance is once again in history on 3/22/2010, 245 years later, the democrat party passed Obamacare over the overwhelming opposition of the American People. Again, a highly undesirable tax without the representation of the people. Effectively the democrats declared war upon the American Citizens. Already 13 state attorney generals and many more to come (last estimate is 37 states)are suing the Federal Government (Democrats)to stop Obamacare. The first time in a very long time (Virgina-Kentucky Resolutions 1798 and 1799) states are uniting to peacefully fight back.

As our founding fathers did, we must send a strong message to they enemy of freedom loving Americans, today's democrat party. We must as Tea Party members vote out all of the democrats now in office. I was born and raised a Democrat (big D means patriot) but that party is unrecognizable by me today. This Obamacare shows that the democrats are totally out of touch with the will of the American people. It is a shame, I would like to vote for Democrat candidates again one day but I think that will be far off in the future when they begin loving the country more than themselves.

Hey, when is this group going to start activities toward Obamacare repeal? I live in the Southbay and want to participate.

I travel quite a bit, but will do everything I can to attend the events. Its time to fight!!!!!!!!

We (The South Bay Tea Party) need to give a huge priority to weeding out ANY members who are coming from a racist agenda. A few wackos in DC have the nation watching our movement with a fine tooth comb and we are in danger of being marginalized.

Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies...

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic and moronic.

Jason Levin, creator of, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events for April 15—tax filing day, when tea party groups across the country are planning to gather and protest high taxes.

"Every time we have someone on camera saying that Barack Obama isn't an American citizen, we want someone sitting next to him saying, 'That's right, he's an alien from outer space!'" Levin said.

Levin says they want to exaggerate the group's least appealing qualities, further distance the tea party from mainstream America and damage the public's opinion of them.

"Do I think every member of the tea party is a homophobe, racist or a moron? No, absolutely not," Levin said. "Do I think most of them are homophobes, racists or morons? Absolutely."

The site manifesto says they want to dismantle the Tea Party by nonviolent means. "We have already sat quietly in their meetings, and observed their rallies," the site said.

Another tea party organizer said the attempt to destroy the movement was evidence its message is resonating.

The Torrance TEA Party was a success. Our signs were seen by thousands of motorists and many acknowledged support with waves and honks. We had one group of young anti-protesters show up with a sign with an obscenity aimed at the TEA partyers. They were interviewed by filmers from Touchstone Pictures who also interviewed various TEA party participants. I don't know where this footage will show up or be used. Anybody know?

Great report on the Torrance Tea Party.. .thanks

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